Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Top 5 Happenings in Men's Fashion-

Gentlemen, this one is just for you!  A lot of the fashion talk around here can appear to be catered towards the ladies, but make no mistake, we are all about the right fashion for guys, too!

Here's some of the current happenings on the men's fashion front!

1. London is Getting a Men's Fashion Week
The British Fashion Council announced the first ever London Men's Fashion Week will launch on June 17th.  Although it will only run for the weekend, this is a great start for the English fashion industry.  Can't wait to see how this unfolds!

2. Classic Coats are back
Often, guys show their swag by leaving their coats behind.  Well, coats are in these days, gents.  The classic overcoat is back, replacing the puffy coats of the last few seasons.  Recent shows in Paris and Milan introduced swanky styles to suit any gent's liking, and despite the mild winter were having, you can still hit these cool temps in style.

3. Fedora Fetish
Ok, maybe we're alone on this one, but there's something really sexy about a guy rocking a fedora.  Not just anytime with anything, but perfectly placed with the right outfit, and you're bound to make heads turn.  Take the fashion risk, guys.  It's worth it!

4.  The Men's Luxury Scene is Emerging
At one time, you only saw the women's side of brands like Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf, and Louboutin-- to name a few.  But not now!  These brands and more are not only having runway shows for the gents, but hiring men as creative designers and honing in on the influence of their male market.  Louboutin even recently opened a men's store in Paris.  

5. The Ladies Are Into It, Too!
Usually ladies are seen as styling themselves or other ladies, but on the professional styling scene as well as day to day shopping, women are getting more interested in men's fashion, too!  Some are styling their "boo thang", others are suggesting looks to the guys at work, but men's fashion is definitely keeping everyone interested.

See guys, we're paying attention.  Keep us watching!

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