Wednesday, February 1, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Honors

Black History Month!

Although Black History is highlighted on the calendar during the month of February, the contributions of African-Americans are fundamental to society every day of the year.  Black history--like the history of every culture living in this nation--is American history, and we should take notice of what makes this country so unique.

If it weren't for many black inventors, our society would be so different.  No traffic signals, elevators, home security systems, or even potato chips!  We wouldn't have ironing boards to help us look sharp, and we wouldn't be living too long because we wouldn't have open heart surgery as an option.  For more inventions we can't live without, check out our 2011 homage to black inventors.   

This year, we want to hit closer to home and pay tribute to those on the rise.  Credit is regularly given to people like President and Mrs. Obama, Bill Cosby, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah, Michael Jackson, W.E.B. DuBuois, Thurgood Marshall, and a long list of others.  But we have people who are doing major things in our communities, social scenes, and professions, who should be recognized, too!  Yeah it's a long list, but that's a good great thing!

Here's our list and links.  Check them out and support!

DeVawn Jewelry, by Ashley Bonds
You have to buy your fancy jewels from somewhere, why not this energetic entrepreneur!  All the accessories you need on 1 site!

May Vora Jewelry, by LaReana Nichole
Need some personal touches to your fashion style?  Who doesn't?!  This fabulous jewelry line is taking the midwest by storm.  Order your personalized jewels now!  "There's Only One"

Swish Dreams, by Joshua Mercer
A sports-themed educational program in Chicago, growing larger and larger every year.  This program is not only providing fun for the youth, but raising test scores!  Can't ask for more!

Red Pump Project, by Karyn Watkins and Lovette Ajayi
This organization is not only a fixture in Chicago, but has ambassadors across the country!  Using Red Pumps as their Causemark, these ladies are making sure the awareness of HIV and AIDS is at the top of mind.  Join their campaign to keep the word out. Awareness is Always in Style!

Fashion for JoJo, By Ebony Tiggs
Fashion by day-- and night.  Ebony is not only a one-of-a-kind fashion designer, but blogger and public relations guru in politics.  She's everything we love on this site, and more!

Real Talk with Felicia, by Felicia Lewis
Wanna get the straight talk on what's going on in our world?  RTWF is all over current events and public affairs.  No sugar-coating, but plenty of knowledge and insight.  Felicia is also the force behind Purposed for Pink, to fight against breast cancer.  

B.M.M.O. Consulting, By Tonisha Hood
A market research business ready to take your business to the next level, and make it more appealing to consumers. You definitely want this analyst on your team, taking your brand to the top!

When it comes to music, this voice is one you need to hear.  After her long-awaited Liberation Day release, Esynaj has left us wanting more of her stories, melodies, and beats.  Rewritten is our favorite, but there's plenty to choose from!

Fashion Cloture, by Kenya Wiley
You know fashion and law are loves of ours, and Fashion Cloture shares in the passion.  This fab blog by a D.C. lawyer keeps us up-to-date on all things happening on the Hill from fashion, to textiles, and everything in between!

Vision Speaks Louder than Words, by Daniel K. Shannon
Inspiration at its finest.  You won't find a motivational speaker like Daniel.  From sports teams, to corporate morale-building, and more, no group can go wrong enlisting this gentleman for a speech.  

Hip Hop Democrat, by Todd Walton
Urban culture, current events, music, politics, and more.  This site is the brain child of an innovator with more ideas on deck!  Stay tuned for what he'll be launching in 2012.

Simone Butterfly, by Mariessa Terrell 
Specializing in intellectual property law, and loving fashion, Ms. Terrell is a fixture in the D.C. community.  Her background is unmatched, and having her on your team is a clear must!

Da Internz
Kosine on Da Beat and Tuo are not only making the hometown proud, but making everyone Dance...Dance..Dance in the club, lounge, party, drivers seat and wherever else!  Look out for more tracks by this hot producer duo.

Bon Bon Vie, By Shari Neal
Love t-shirts?  Of course you do!  This emerging business owner and amazing talent has the tees to keep you looking right, and representing unique creativity like no other.  Get yours now!

The Hoop Lab, by Quintin Garrison
Is your young hooper ready for the game?  Well, get them in shape at The Hoop Lab!  Helping make hoop dreams come true, Q is training basketball talent and certainly prepping the next NBA star!

Writer Chick, by Mel Hopkins
You're thinking it....she's putting it into writing.  For a straight up take on everyday happenings, Mel is giving you the insight you want on all things swirling across the airwaves.  Keep up!

My Lifestyle Zen, by Patrice Perkins
Want to enrich your experiences in business and leisure?  This social-savvy lawyer is giving you all the answers and tips for enjoying your craft, improving your position, and mastering work-life balance.  

Congressman Bobby Rush's Chief of Staff, Stanley Watkins
When it comes to political know-how and public service strategies, you won't find a better Chief of Staff.  With local and federal government experience, Stanley is making sure the Congressman and constituents are well served--a model for anyone looking for a future in government work.

Pretty Afrika Designs, By Sandra Enimil
Lawyer. Fashionista.  Designer.  We see only positives here, and find more when shopping for handmade designs.  From jewelry, to bags and more, Sandra is balancing 2 demanding fields with ease.

Legacy Venture, by Hallemah Nash
Branding and philanthropy at its finest.  Hallemah has taken dreams to another level.  Making a difference in the world of sports, education, and most of all the community.  She's definitely a leader to follow.

Gametime Pros., by Elliott Ivory
Got a highlight film for your high school athlete?  You need one, and Gametime is the only option.  They're showing onlooking colleges just how amazing their prospects are.  Check them out!

Treats by Teresa, by Teresa Cox
Cookies, cakes, cupcakes....yep, you want some.  And you'll want more once you order some of these custom treats.  Whether you want baked goods for a fancy, big event, or just to have around the house, there's really no other choice, but this one.

Look Alive for these up and comers!  Told you the list was worth it!  Check out more of our faves on Twitter @BAFFLEDblog.

We know there's more...add your faves in the Comment section.


  1. Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate the continuous support. I will be checking out these recommendations as well. Keep up the amazing hard work.


    1. You were definitely a must-add! SO super proud of all you're doing and can't wait to hear updates. I appreciate your support more than I can say.

      Thank you!!

  2. An interesting point regarding Black History Month that I never thought of. Ending it. Check out the Morgan Freeman link and a link to a documentary that I recently saw on the topic. Should the celebration of Black History be called out in a month, and the shortest month at that? Listen to Morgan.

    Morgan Freeman Interview


    1. These are great points, and I totally agree. Thanks so much for sharing the links, and thanks even more for supporting B.A.F.F.L.E.D. I really appreciate you!!


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