Tuesday, February 14, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top Ways to Care for Your Heart!

Today may be Valentine's Day, but we are giving you ways to take care of your other heart.  Below are tips, warning signs, and risk factors for giving your heart all the love it needs.

Happy Valentine's Day!

7 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease - It's always important to get ahead of the game!

1. Quit smoking.

2. Control your weight.  
We shouldn't all be the same size, but keeping your weight at a controllable, healthy level is critical.  Tough work, but totally worth it!

3. Control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
Eating Cheerios and oatmeal are a start, and partaking in cardio regularly are great ways to achieve this one.

4. Reduce your stress level.
Whether it's making tough choices about the things, people, tasks, or foods in your life, always remember-- your health comes 1st!

5. Talk to your health care provider regularly.
This can be a family physician, or someone at a local clinic.  Just make sure you consult an expert on a regular basis.

6. Eat a nutritious diet.
4 1/2 cups of fruits and veggies, and 3 cups of low-fat milk or dairy products per day for a 2,000 calorie diet.  Calorie requirements depend on the person, so again, check with an expert.  Multivitamins aren't a bad idea either--at any age!

7. Get adequate rest
Often we underestimate the power and need for sleep, but it's more important than you think.  Sleeping allows the body to recharge, release some stresses, and prepare for the next 16 or so hours awake.  Do your best to get as close to 8 hours of sleep per day as possible. 

6 Heart Attack Warning Signs

1. Chest pain or discomfort; squeezing or full pain across the chest

2. Nausea/vomiting

3. Back or jaw pain

4. Cold sweat or lightheadedness

5. Pain or discomfort in both arms, back, neck, or stomach

6. Shortness of breath with, or before chest discomfort

5 Stroke Warning Signs - These would all be sudden instances

1. Severe headache with no known cause

2. Numbness or weakness of the face, arm, or leg--particularly on 1 side of the body

3. Trouble seeing in 1 or both eyes

4. Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination

5. Confusion, trouble speaking, or understanding

8 Heart Disease Risk Factors

1. Family history of early coronary heart disease

2. Age (for women, 55 and older)

3. Smoking

4. High cholesterol

5. High blood pressure

6. Diabetes

7. Overweight/obesity

8. Physical inactivity

*We hope all of these tips and signs are helpful to you.  For more important information, consult your doctor or the helpful links below.

Here's to your heart!

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