Tuesday, February 21, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 8 Things Costing Less in 2012

While you're recovering from Christmas shopping and gearing up to make more purchases, check out these items getting cheaper in 2012.

1. iPad 2
This phenomenal tablet is set to get a lower price tag in the coming weeks, as the iPad 3 is arriving this Spring.  Visit your local Apple store and see what they've got.

2. Roku boxes
Because tech manufacturers are getting the idea of watching TV and other programming over the web, more devices are being produced to make it easier. If you want to change your entertainment experience, and maybe even cut some cords, check out this post from Contributing Editor, GuyverV.  He was already ahead of the game.

3. GPS Units
Seeing as almost every cellular phone, and definitely all smartphones have GPS features, stand-alone GPS systems are getting cheaper. They are in less demand, because the 1-stop-shop of a phone and GPS is so much easier.  If you need a separate unit for any reason, now is the time to grab one.

4. 3-D TVs
The 3-D TV craze is not only catching on with consumers, but producers, too.  More and more brands are making these IMAX-esqe teles, so the more we have, the less they cost.

5. Volkswagen Passat
If you're in the market for a new car, you might want to add the VW Passat to your list.  It's been listed at $9,000 less than before.

6. Car rentals
While gas is going up, the price to rent a car is going down.  With so many people taking on public transportation, and even walking (New Year's Resolutions--remember) renting a car for a couple days is quite the deal.

7. Wine 
Since production around the world is on the rise, the price of wine is going down.  As we learned in Economics 101, increased supply makes for lower prices to consumers.  If wine is your drink of choice, buy now!

8. 17" laptops
Tablets are the new trend, and 14" laptops are coming with the latest software and features. For those of you into the larger screen, you'll be pleased as you shop for your next device.

Happy Shopping!

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