Monday, April 23, 2012

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Fashion & Crime: Where a Fun Market Meets Unfortunate Realities

Most often we talk about the exciting and profitable attributes of fashion, but there are also some harsh realities deriving from the stylish industry.  Be clear, this is no slight to the industry we love; it is a tangential connection to its products and some of the consequences they bring in society.

As you surely know, the hoodie has taken on a new life after the sad killing of Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin.  Because of the style he chose to don on his last day, his life was taken with a distant connection to what such attire may--or may not--have represented.  Often, young men, typically minorities can fall into the wrong situations and stereotypes because of the fashion they choose.  Although unfortunate, this is a sad reality.  Sagging pants (which we strongly suggest against anyways), tall t-shirts, oversized clothing, trench coats, exotic hair--the list goes on, but these are just a few of the fashion styles quickly attacked everyday and in the media.  Even those just liking the look, but not the life potentially connected with it are subject to scrutiny.  

The case is no different for young women, who find short and tight looks to be as appealing as they are on performers before sold out crowds.  In some instances, these looks can also give the wrong impression to onlookers, sending a message they are into ill-reputes they may not be.  Again, crime can ensue, simply because of the appearance presented based on clothing.  

Surely these aren't the only trends leading to harsh consequences, but they are rather popular in our media-heavy culture.  What can we do to change the outcome of what could end in tragedy?  Will crime or death always be one of the downfalls of dressing on the edge?

Fashion will continue to be a fun market, but hopefully the connections to crime based on narrow-minded actions can begin to cease.

Let's see style with style and save lives.

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