Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Most Secure Career Fields

Today's economic times call for unique measures to protect our finances, homes, and futures.  As always, we look to share any career news we can, whether it be job listings on the site, or openings we share via Twitter.

Check out this list of "safe" fields.  Maybe one has the job of your dreams.

1. Technology, mainly computer systems design
This is a relatively new field, and based on the quick advancement of technology, it isn't going anywhere. Computers, tablets, and phones get smarter each day, and other devices are getting greater intel as well.  If you have a knack for math, science, and are tech-savvy, this is a field worth checking out.

2. Educational Services
Obviously education is here to stay.  It is the foundation of every career field and the key to any success.  Education systems from preschool to PhD, formal and informal, all need able-minded and dedicated people in them.  This industry is by and large the most important.  If you want to teach little ones, adults, or consult, education is a safe field, always in need of talent.

3. Government
Government surely isn't going anywhere.  Whether you'd like to be a lobbyist, elected official, fundraiser, or legislative staffer, government work will be around for the long haul.  With so many issues and constant changes in society, this field may have quick turnover, but the positions and needs are here to stay.

4. Health Care
Another no-brainer.  Although there are great struggles in access to health care for all Americans, the field itself is so necessary, and really cannot fade away.  We will always need doctors, nurses, consultants and able-practitioners to keep us going.  If you're looking for work helping people live and have optimal health, look no further.  

5.  Utilities
Utility work is the backbone of the technology field, and living day-to-day.  Surely our everyday lives as we know them would be pretty tough without electricity, gas, and hot water.  Could you imagine?  You certainly wouldn't be charging any smartphones.  As technology advances, so too does the utility field.  

We wish you the best in your careers, and if you have any openings to offer, please share with us.

*This list is in no way a promise of career happiness or success, just some help for those looking.

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