Thursday, May 17, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago

FugScreens Galerie F Grand Opening!

FugScreens is a great Chicago brand gearing up for the July launch of Galerie F. 

Galerie F offers a new approach to the modern concept of the gallery space. As a street level space, open to the public six days a week without appointment, we celebrate an interaction with and celebration of the arts. We are committed to representing and fostering growth within our local and artistic community. Galerie F supports local, national, and international artists through exclusive exhibitions as well as daily public interaction. The work displayed at our space will stem from what its partnering business, FugScreens Studios, represents: a fusion of fine art, street art, and gig posters.

With the support of a Kickstarter page, the guys behind Galerie F are giving you the chance to get in on this gem at the ground level.  The brand is emerging in the Chicago and international art industries, stirring a revolution in fashion and creativity.  

To learn more and help support this great space and brand, click here!

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