Tuesday, May 15, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Beauty Mistakes~

Beauty is not only about putting on clothes to look good or making up your face.  It actually starts below the glammed up surface.  To be sure you are keeping a good foundation, beware of these beauty mistakes.

1.  Not cleansing properly
Cleansing your face 2x daily is so important.  When you wake up in the morning to set a clean slate for make-up and the dirts of the atmosphere, and at night to clean all the impurities away are essential to healthy skin.  Be sure you have a soap/cleanser fit for your skin type. There are so many choices, even a few we recommend here.  Taking care of your face is a bare minimum to beauty.  

2.  Leaving out the SPF
Even if you don't burn easily, or are looking to tan, we all need to protect our skin with at least SPF30.  The rays from the sun are great for Vitamin D, but too much equals trouble for our outer shell.  Be sure your daily moisturizer contains SPF, as well as the lotions you use for warm days, too.

3.  Forgetting the moisturizer
As mentioned above, you should don a moisturizer containing SPF.  Essentially, you should absolutely wear moisturizer!  Even if you have oily skin, pairing the right cleanser and moisturizer will protect your skin from harsh impurities, and balance the good and bad oils.  Be sure to find a regimen right for you.  

4.  Ignoring water
So many people dislike water for whatever reasons.  However, water is the most essential drink you can put into your body.  Although tea has a series of positives, nothing does your body right like H2O.  Water not only helps with keeping your skin healthy, but also helps flush out toxins and waste.  It helps with food digestion, and keeps your organs in good shape.  It may not satisfy like the pop or juice of your choice, but water does wonders for you.  Drink as much as you can.

5.  Too much make-up
We don't all age the same, and sometimes we just want to change up our look.  Some of us are just very girly, and others feel the need to conceal a thing or 2 here and there.  Whatever the case may be, wearing too much make-up can do more harm than good, pretty much no matter what.  Tinted moisturizer is a good alternative to full foundation, and even if full coverage is needed, subtle eyeshadows and blushes can keep you from layers upon layers.  Fun with colors and coordinating with your outfits is one thing--putting on a full mask of cosmetics is another.  Protect your natural skin, and remember, less is more.

We hope these tips will help you keep the skin you love and deserve.  Glam with care.

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