Tuesday, May 22, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 7 Small Businesses

Since May is Small Business Month, we want to highlight some of our faves.  Check them out!

1.  DeVawn Accessories
This online accessory store lets new designers shine.  Get all the costume jewels and bags you need for any and every occasion!

2.  May Vora Jewelry
The motto is "There's Only One", and it definitely shows in the product.  Contact May Vora for your unique jewelry creation, designed to your liking with a personal touch!
3. Bon Bon Vie
Fashionable t-shirts making a major statement.  This line not only has great tees, but onesies for the little ones, too.  Order yours now!

4. B.M.M.O. Consulting
Is your brand in need of some attention?  Want to make sure you are reaching the right market?  This company can put your product where it needs to be.  

5. Official Anais PR
If you're looking for great events, networking opportunities, or promotional needs, Official Anais PR is a must!  Top notch public relations work is just the beginning of their expertise.  

6. Shop N'Dulgence
You'll find the hottest fashions here for sure.  Whatever the latest trends, Shop N'Dulgence has what you are looking for, especially for leaving a lasting impression on your fans. 

7.  Treats by Teresa
Certainly you can always go for a tasty treat.  And certainly you may need to send some treats to someone across the country.  Check out Treats by Teresa when you need, or want, quality baked goods you can't get anywhere else!

Large chains are great, but small business is where it's at.  Shop small businesses, and support those entities on the rise.  

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