Thursday, June 14, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Artistic Visions Become Reality~

When searching for a way to put some creative thoughts into graphic reality, we found Rachel Gadson, owner of I.LA.  She has an artistic eye like no other, and a portfolio worth bragging about.  Here's a little more about why we adore her work.

A graduate of Florida A&M University with a passion for art, Chicago native Rachel Gadson is enthused to make a name for herself as a graphic designer. Stemming from adolescence, art has always been an area where I feel most comfortable. It wasn't until post grad life that I realized the "dream job" at an Advertising agency that I just new I'd land (but didn't) became an unexpected reality; and I quickly had to find a means to support myself. 

Six months after graduating I was a young entrepreneur starting my own freelance company, I.LA. Covering all aspects, from branding to marketing and even some web design, clientele began to steadily grow. While not being the "ideal" job to have, it's very rewarding to provide others a service from the comfort of your home, and produce the same quality work that may be found at a prestige design firm. 

Some examples of my work can be found on my site at Additionally, holding the Creative Director position for Just A Reminder (JAR), a family operated business focused on empowering and inspiring diverse groups of people through a plethora of unique T-shirt designs, as well as other platforms is another project I'm eager to see blossom. More information regarding JAR can be found on our site at

What's next for me? Diligently working to leave an unforgettable mark, consistently living up to the expectations of those who've paved the way and providing inspiration for those to come.

Rachel's talent is amazing.  We just wanted you to know.

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