Tuesday, June 5, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 5 Happenings in the NBA Playoffs

As always, this time of year is filled with highlights from the NBA post season.  This year is no different. Let's take a look at some of the biggest stories leading to the Finals.

1.  The Chicago Bulls were eliminated in the 1st Round
This is a Chicago blog.  We're a bit scorned, but are sending speedy recovery wishes to our guy Derrick Rose.  Surely when he returns, we'll be back on our way to ring #7.

2.  The 76ers were quite impressive.
Doug Collins took his young team into the Quarter Finals.  They gave the Bulls a run for their money, and made things tough for the Miami Heat as well.  We know going into next season, the '6ers are no joke!

3.  The Spurs hit a 20-game winning streak.
The Spurs often refer to themselves as the "vanilla" of the NBA.  They go under the radar, aren't overly flashy or cocky, but they get things done and have found their way to the Western Conference Finals.  After losing their first game in 21 to the Oklahoma City Thunder, they are fighting their way back to the Finals.  But, please believe OKC is not making it easy--they are now up 3-2.

4.  Russell Westbrook is making a statement on and off the court.
After losing his best friend to an enlarged heart while in high school, Russell now wears Kelcey Brown's initials and number (KB3) on his wristband and shoes every game.   The 2 planned to attend UCLA together, prior to Brown's untimely death.  Today, Westbrook cosponsors a charity to collect money for underprivileged children with basketball dreams like his and KB's.  He's also keeping the Thunder striking through the Western Conference Finals.
Touching story.  

5.  Rajon Rondo is making more than a name for himself.
If people weren't impressed with Rondo before, they better be now.  He had a stellar game 2 against the Miami Heat last week, despite a loss, and was unstoppable as the C's returned home for game 3.  From leading the league in assists to racking up triple-doubles left and right, Rondo is making it clear Boston has a "Big 4", compared to a "Big 3".  Gotta love that behind the back pass fake!

We're excited to watch more this evening and see how the Finals stack up.  Boston v. Miami in South Beach will definitely be interesting.

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