Monday, August 13, 2012

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Words Scar:  A Photography Exhibition--

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and as cliche as the saying is, it is absolutely true.  We are excited to help promote this event, spotlighting the power of words. 

Bullying has been an unfortunate part of childhood, but it is not new.  This event will shed light on the epidemic, and hopefully guide us in carefully turning things around.

Don't miss this one. 


The TRUTH is Words have power. More POWER than you think. Whether we use words to describe a feeling, a person, place or thing, words bring forth life. The words we use towards our children are hurtful. Words have a way of lingering no matter how innocently people intend them to be. In many ways they leave our children feeling hopeless.  I intend to reveal the POWER of WORDS and the SCARS they leave on our younger generation. After asking a group of children to write a list of words they have been called, I was moved to reveal the power of these words and the remnants they left behind. The words were written on their bodies and within seconds one by one they all transitioned into desolate vessels. The words seem to strip them of the smiles they had minutes before, a true testament to the POWER of WORDS.Chicago, our children are living up to the words we call them. If we change the words we use will we get better results? – Nikki B ( @GreyMatterPhoto)

Be there!

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