Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Top 6 Style Tips for the Workplace--

It is never a bad time to brush up on work-appropriate attire and professional style savvy.  Today we have some tips to keep at the top of mind when dressing for the office.  Just because it's work doesn't mean it has to be stuffy or boring!

1.  Remember, you're at work.
How you dress should be a reminder of how you should behave.  Look sharp.  Iron.  Smell nice, or like nothing at all--just not bad!  Noting you are not at the club or preparing to lay on the beach should keep you on the straight and narrow for your day-to-day as a professional, whatever the job.  

2.  Take notes from others and take it up a level.
If you aren't sure exactly how you should be dressing, and this can happen, look around you and see what your coworkers are wearing.  Take a tip from their attire and put your own twist on it--within limits, of course.  If you are in a laid back setting, jeans might be appropriate.  However, jeans come in all styles, and surely your distresses ones are not appropriate for a business casual setting.  If your office is one where suits are appropriate, have fun with the "business uniform".  Ladies, mix things up with jewelry.  Guys, there are more dress shirt colors than white.  No, really, there are.  Good ties are a must, too.  People are watching.

3.  Consider your role and where you want to go.
The role you play in your workplace also determines how you should appear.  Obviously primary school teachers have a particular leeway, as art projects and snack time can get messy.  However, those sitting in an office or cube setting should have a different mindset.  You should definitely consider the nature of your work and how you want to come across to your peers.  Business suits can be a bit stuffy, and strict company uniforms (sales jobs, for example) can be constraining, too.  But, you can still find ways to put your own spin on things within boundaries, of course.  

4.  Plan your day.
Daytime...Nighttime!  If you have somewhere to go after work, with no time to change in between, consider what looks appropriate at the desk, as well as the social scene.  In the summer, it's easy; dress with a blazer, to be removed later/button-up and slacks with a jacket for guys.  When it's a bit cooler, you can still do the same, or even use a sleeveless top with pants or a skirt.  Sorry, guys, we know you have a few less options.

5.  Grooming is everything.
More than just clothes.  You've got to check your hair, face, any visible skin.  Be sure you are moisturized where you need to be and coiffed in all the right places.  Gents, make sure those hairlines are neat!

6.  Keep the "No-No's" in mind...and avoid them!
We'll just share a few automatic no-nos to simmer on.  Unfortunately, there are more, but here's a start.  Avoid them at all cost!
-Dry feet
-Omitting deodorant
-Neglecting to iron.  Never look like your clothes just came out of a sandwich bag
-Clothes with holes
-Mixing weekend evening-wear with office attire
-White sock, black shoes, high-water pants...you know we hate this one!  It's for performing the Moonwalk in front of a sold-out crowd only!

Always dress to impress...even if it's just yourself!

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