Wednesday, October 17, 2012

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. For Ladies

It's Love Your Body Day!

This year, October 17th is NOW's annual Love Your Body Day.  The National Organization for Women (NOW), a campaign for the Women's Health Project, is fighting back against the media, entertainment industry, and the billions of dollars women spend living up to a predetermined "image". Of course good health is optimal, but the idea of looking like an airbrushed model is not one to pass on to our next generation of women leaders. 

Love Your Body Day is important.  It reminds women they must always love themselves, and appreciate each and everything about their bodies.  Ladies, we must stop getting mislead by what we see on TV.  Loving beauty products and cosmetics is just one of the things we do, but it should never define us.  Often, what we see on TV and in magazines is more so Photoshop and airbrushing skills, instead of the results promised by products.

Remember today, and everyday, the body you have is yours!  It is amazing and a precious gift to cherish.  Loving your body the way it is is not a ticket to being unhealthy and not taking care of yourself, but a reminder to take the best care of yourself.  Don't let what others define as beauty define you.  Support yourself, your mom, sisters, and particularly the young ladies around you.  

Embrace your age...whatever the number.  After all, what's the alternative?
Embrace your body.  You only get 1. 

For more on Love Your Body Day, check them out on the web.  Here's some additional resources, too:

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