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Top 6 Products for Healthy Hair--

We are all about optimal health here, from the body to skin and definitely including hair.  Today I'm highlighting some of my favorite products, which contribute to healthy hair.  No matter your hair type, these can be helpful to you.  However, if you have relaxed hair, check out these 7 tips to keep it healthy.

1. Kerastase Chroma Thermique 
This leave-in conditioner is a must for color treated hair.  It protects the hair against heat and UV rays, making sure it can stay healthy despite the moisture stripping chemicals in dye.  Chroma Thermique is not only good to apply before using hot tools, but also on those hot days when the sun is relentless.  If you need highlights, you need this conditioner!
*When to use: I apply this, mostly the color-treated parts, right before blow drying, and also a bit before flat ironing.  I'll add some on super hot days, too if the sun is beaming.  

2. Andre Walker Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner
Andre's combo is great for all hair types.  With ingredients like keratin, aloe, and green tea extract, your hair will be left feeling healthy to the touch. These products moisturize the hair, and strengthen it with each continued use.  If it's good enough for Oprah, it should be good enough for you. 
*When to use:  I shampoo and condition weekly.  Figure out what's best for your hair, and go from there!

3. Nexxus Emergencee Polymeric Strengthening Conditioner
This little bottle is packed with benefits.  Just a small amount of this protein conditioner, and your hair will grow stronger and longer.  If your hair is damaged, Emergencee will help with reconstruction, and if your hair is in a healthy state, it will help keep it there.  This is another must-have for your hair care regimen.  
*When to use:  I use this one every other week.  After a shampoo or 2, apply, work through, then wash out.

4. Creme of Nature Gloss & Shine Polisher
I call this one a magic potion.  As many of you may know, Argan Oil is an essential to hair health and shine.  This Moroccan oil gives the hair strength and moisture, but does not make it heavy or sticky.  For those of you doing "protect and seal" as part of your regimen, the Gloss & Shine Polisher will do all you need it to, for healthy, supple hair in the morning.  If your hair has random dry spells, this is the perfect cure.  
*When to use:  I do "protect and seal", so I apply this one nightly before covering my hair with a satin scarf to protect against friction between my hair and pillow.

5.  BioSilk Smoothing Balm
BioSilk has a full line of great products.  This one is no different.  Whether you're applying it to wet hair or dry hair for daily styling, this balm helps get rid of frizz and makes curls smooth.  It's one you can use pretty much whenever.
*When to use:  I apply this one whenever I need extra help with controlling the fly-aways.  I also apply when I need a moisture boost.

6. Hair, by Tippi Shorter Glaze
Another great leave-in conditioner.  Tippi has a great line specializing in hair health.  The Glaze is light and helps make the hair manageable when styling after washing.  It is also great for straight or curly hair and smells pretty great, too.  
*When to use:  I apply this right after my shampoo/condition.  Before adding my Kerastase, I apply Glaze all over my hair.

Hair.Lush.Chronicles is one of our favorite hair health blog faves.  Check it out!

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