Thursday, December 20, 2012

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The Nexus 4: A Product Review--

Just a couple weeks ago, our tech guru, GuyverV and I got the new Nexus 4.  This LG device, powered by Google's Android platform, has been quite a treat.  I was concerned about losing the 4g feature, but find now I don't miss it.  

4g v. hspa+
Jumping right in, I was concerned about going from 4g to hspa+.  I had 4g on my HTC Sensation, but when my signal was weak, it would revert to 2g.  Having the phone in the 4g zone was critical.  2g pretty much made it useless.  According to GuyverV, one of the biggest knocks of the device is that it doesn't have 4g.  This shouldn't be a knock at all.  The 3g/hspa+ is perfectly ample for web browsing, messaging, calls, and mapping.  

GuyverV said he prefers the workflow of the Nexus 4 to an iPhone or any other Android phone.  Multitasking, when used correctly, is a dream.   He shared, "speed is relative; I can move fluidly through the phone and that saves me time, too."  The multitasking key is extremely helpful for sharing, copy-pasting, and seeing the apps or programs you've recently used.  Navigation from 1 screen to another is extremely easy.  

Viewing and Sharing
I asked him about the need for 4g when using powerful features like video.  He told me "the only time I imagine I'd want 4g is for watching video.  The occasions I do that without Wi-Fi are few and far between. I'm more likely to stream music, which loads up quickly."  The Nexus 4 also allows for zooming in videos, which the iPhone 5 does not. Check out this great camera.  The panoramic is amazing.   

 GuyverV said sharing is probably his favorite thing about Android.  It's so easy to move things to and from Dropbox, saving things to Pocket, tweeting pics, etc.  
What this all means...
I was delighted to experience this phone because although my last 3 phones have been Android-powered, they have not been run on "pure" Android platforms.  What this means is this: Many phone makers, like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung use the Android operating system, but also integrate features and programs of their own--like MotoBlur and HTC Sense.  So, despite having an "Android", the phones are also packed with other apps and things compromising the Android operating system.  Neither good nor bad, just different.

The "pure" Android does in fact offer easy sharing, more updates, customization, and does not have to account for the 3rd party technology phone makers include.  It is definitely a matter of personal choice, but for us, a "pure" Android Nexus is it.

After 4 weeks with this device, I can absolutely say it was a great choice.  Don't misunderstand-- Apple products are great.  This blog is written on an Apple device, and I have no complaints.  However, I am beyond pleased with Android phones--particulary the Nexus 4.  

Give it a try!

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