Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Top 8 Reasons I Love My Line Sisters!

For any of you who are members of a sorority, fraternity, or similar organization, you know just what I'm talking about.  Today, I celebrate my 8th anniversary as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  I was initiated with 21 other remarkable women, in the organization's Gamma Chapter, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

Since then, we have bonded together like no other.  My life would not be the same without these ladies.  Of course I love them for so many reasons, but here's a sample:

1.  21 people have my back.
There's no love like the love between line sisters, and I have the BEST ones.  We look out for each other, support each other, and celebrate our many accomplishments.

2. We grow together.
When we first met, we were so young and just learning what sisterhood of this type was about.  Over the last 8 years, we've spent a lot of time together, learning personalities and how to help each other be the best we can be.  We're doing very well.

3.  We look good together.
Check the picture.  It was years ago, but we were fabulous then, and even more stunning now.

4.  We have everything.
Our line is stocked with everything we need to continue being successful.  We not only have lawyers (4, so watch out), a doctor, educators, law enforcement, entrepreneurs,  consultants, stylists, models, and more, but a strength unmatched.  We have supportive families, cute and smart children, prosperous careers, and the drive to keep us on top for many years to come.

5.  We're family.
Line sisters are built-in family members.  Whether it's a night of dinner or drinks, shopping, traveling, or just hanging out, we know we have each other to lean on at any time.  Who could ask for anything more?!

6.  We stay connected.
Often, people join organizations in college and never look back.  Not us.  We can call each other at any moment, and we try to see each other as often as possible.  Of course email and social media makes things easy, but we put in real effort to stay connected.

7.  Our bond is genuine.
Sorority life is not easy, and sisterhood in any form comes with challenges.  But, the key is being real with each other--and we are.  We want to see each other improve.  We want to see each other happy, and we do all we can to stand by one another.  

8.  We're not done yet.
At just 8 years old, my line sisters and I are just getting started.  We have so much more to accomplish and so much more time to spend cherishing each other.  

I can't wait.

Love you, Sisters xoxo

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