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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Spotlights

Vau've Davis of Official Anais PR!

When it comes to public relations, Official Anais is a must-have.  V (because we love "V" names) has done an amazing job putting her clients in the right settings, promoting and perfecting their brands, but also--and most importantly, giving back to the community.  She was even recognized by Black Celebrity Giving as 2013 Best Non-profit PR and Event Planning Firm.  This was no shock, though.  

She works hard 7 days a week, and often without rest, keeps her promises to all those needing her talent.  Vau've shared more about her than her PR's what she had to say:

How did you come up with the name Official Anais?

My name is Vau’ve Anais Davis, as our motto states, "Build your BRAND, start a LEGACY", I found including my name in my company would be the start to doing so. You gain great branding strength with including parts of you in the things you do.  

What made you want to create a PR firm?

I've always been deemed as the "connector", and public relations are ALL about relationships. I love to connect people/clients with resources to help them build their brand. I also wanted to provide an opportunity for writers to start on their journey to building their own legacy by giving them an opportunity to write in the field of their interest.

What is your target client base?

I work most with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits.

What inspires the work you do?

I'm inspired by those who work hard and produce RESULTS. I'm inspired by my mother who did whatever it took to make things happen. I'm inspired daily by those who give back. I'm inspired by growth. I'm inspired by a passion to leave a legacy. I'm most inspired by those who I bless; I truly feel that God has me here to be a blessing to people in various ways.

What sets your firm apart from the others?

Our purpose truly sets us apart, thankfully as an entrepreneur; there is room for everyone to create their own lane. Unlike the Corporate world where there are set guidelines to follow. My firm is much different than other public relations firms because we are passionate and very hands on. We pride ourselves in our professionalism, positive community engagement, and passion to help build brands.

My work ethic and my giving spirit set me apart from many, within and outside my field of work. Both can take you a long way in business.

What else is going on in your life in addition to Official Anais?

I'm looking to further my personal brand in 2013. Official Anais is just one facet of the "Vau've" brand. Timing is key. I've been approached with some different projects that I think may help me develop my personal brand. My personal brand is rooted in community service, but I will be branching out. I've been invited to blog, co-host a radio show along with a few other things. I'm excited. In PR we often get so caught up with our clients we can sometimes lose sight that we too have a vision.

What are some of the tools you use to build brand recognition?

I've found great success in hosting events to build brand recognition for Official Anais PR and clients. I also look for "out the box" ways to meet that objective without going off course. It can be through various mediums given how the dynamics of PR/media are constantly changing.

Have you encountered any legal issues with your firm?

No, I haven’t (knock on wood). Lol

What's next for Official Anais?

We just won the Black Celebrity Giving Annual Award for best "Non-Profit PR and Event Planning Firm”. This was truly a surprise to find out we were nominated among fellow PR professionals who have been working in this field 20 plus years. I see it as an affirmation that the work we do has reach and it’s recognized. 

I’m looking to expand Official Anais PR into a greater platform for those looking to expand their brand. I’m always looking for creative ways to build brand awareness.  We will definitely continue to network out of state and out of the country.

 When people think about Official Anais, they should think of...?

Official Anais PR is a firm that uses blessings to be a blessing. Whether you are in a corporate lane, an entrepreneur etc., there is NOTHING that says you have to limit your spiritual gifts. Official Anais PR encourages everyone to use their time, talent or treasure to give back. Some say YOU can’t eat by always ‘feeding’ others but we strongly believe God is a provider. The more you use your blessings (resources, talent, brand) to bless (help, encourage) others the more you will find your vision will manifest.

Vau've is awesome, and we're so excited to see what she brings us in 2013.  We'll be watching and participating for sure!

Stay connected to Vau've all across the web:

Facebook: OfficialAnaisPR

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