Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Top 5 Beauty Products You Can Make at Home!

Ladies, have you ever been standing before your make-up and realize you have too much of one thing and not enough of another?  Do you need something instantly, but are supposed to be 10 minutes from running out the door?   And someone is rushing you?  Well, we have some great solutions for your troubles, with all the answers right inside your cabinets!

1. Face mask
If you need a face mask in a flash, or aren’t sure which brand to buy, make your own!  With a mixture of baking soda and water, you can create a face mask which will not only clear pores, but soften skin as well.  Add 1 part water to 2 parts baking soda (or to a consistency of your liking) and apply to your face evenly.  Let stand for about 10 minutes as rinse off.  Your face will feel great!  You can also use this as an acne spot treatment to dry out troublesome blemishes.

Egg whites make great masks, too!

2. Dark spot treatment
The face is sometimes left with dark spots after blemishes or other harsh encounters.  Vitamin C is great for this, and if you have a cleanser with the ingredient, you’re on the right track!  But, if you don’t, you can use lemon juice.  Put a dab of lemon juice on a cotton ball or Q-tip and apply to the spots.  The vitamin C will help get the tone of your skin even again.

3. Bronzer
If you’re out of bronzer, or just want a different look, mix cinnamon and baby powder to create your own.  It’s quick and easy, and you can control the pigment to your desire.

4. Lip gloss
This one is a fashionista fave for sure.  We all love lip gloss, and now we can make our own!  If you have some spare eye shadows…and we know you do…add them to Vaseline or Aquaphor to create the color you like.  The shadow will give you the perfect color, and the Vaseline or Aquaphor will give you moisture.  What more could you ask for?!

5. Rose Water Toner
If you have roses around which are nearing the end of their life span, use the petals, mixed with hot water as a toner!  Let the mix sit for 20 minutes, and not only get clearer pores, but a make-up setting tool as well. 

*Other quick beauty tips we love:
Always wash your face with warm water, and rinse with cold.   The cold closes your pores and lock moisture in.  You can also rub an ice cube over your face for the same result.

Exfoliate at least 1x a week.  Twice is better, but not much more.  The granules in exfoliators remove dead skin, leaving the skin soft, but too much will be too harsh.  Remember, the skin on your face is quite sensitive.

Protect with SPF, minimum 30.  Even if you don’t live in the warmest climate or have tanning in your daily schedule, you still need protection from the UV rays of the sun.  Most moisturizers have SPF in them these days.  Make certain yours does.

Pat your moisturizer on as much or more than you rub it.  It helps the skin absorb it better.

Love what you see in the mirror.  You’re the only you we’ve got!           

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