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B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops --For Ladies

Top 10 Health Tips for Women--

Ladies, March is Women's History Month.  But, to make history, you have to be healthy.  To keep you going and at the top of your game, we're offering these tips to help you put your best you forward.

Make history, ladies!

1.  Laugh as much as possible.
Laughter being the best medicine may be cliche, but like all cliches, it's true!  Laughing means you're not only enjoying life, but also burning calories and toning your stomach.  Why not get a 3-for-1! 

2.  Get as much sleep as you can.
Being a Superwoman can often compromise your rest and take up most of the hours in your day.  However, all superheroes need to recharge. Having long days is understandable, and often necessary, but sleep is required to be effective.  Get as much rest as you can.  Take advantage of vacation days and weekends.

3.  Don't hide your cape.
Someone has told you how great you are, and you shouldn't hide your talents.  We are not advocating an ego out of check.  However, be confident in who you are and what you have to offer.  You're where you are for a reason, so make the most of it and show your worth.

4.  Drink plenty of water.
Water keeps your body free of toxins and cleanses out the impurities you don't need.  It's critical for healthy skin, hair, and bloodstream.  Although water may not have the taste you're looking for, the benefits are worth the sips. 

5.  Eat right, but don't cheat yourself.
Eating healthy is obviously important to a healthy life.  Eating whole grains, fruits and veggies will keep your body pleased on the inside.  But, if you have a craving for something sweet or otherwise less than healthy--have it.  Eating it right away will be better than trying to punish yourself, then bingeing and overdoing it later.

6.  Treat yourself.
You're working hard, paying bills, and saving for a rainy day or major purchase.  These are all things the Superwoman does.  Just the same, you have to reward yourself for the good you do.  Never go overboard, and be sure to stay in budget.  A massage here, a mani/pedi there, or a new bag or outfit don't hurt, and are often what you need to keep yourself going.  Reward yourself--always within reason, of course.

7.  Stay active.
Eating right is just part of the battle.  You have to remain active.  Joining a gym isn't for everyone, but there are plenty of ways to keep your energy up and heart pumping.  Walk as much as you can, take the stairs, create a workout to do at home.  The options are endless--just be sure you're picking something to keep you from getting too sedentary. 

8.  Be social.
Go out.  Have fun.  Meet new people.  Days and weeks can get long, but you must make time to share yourself with others.  Meet up with friends and family.  Share a meal or drink and connect with people.  You can show your talents and personality and gain from those of others, too.

9.  Enjoy "me time".
Yeah, we just said it's important to be social, but you must take time for yourself, too.  Know when is the right time to be out and the right time to be alone.  Enjoying "me time" is a must for staying on top of your game and being who you need to be professionally and socially.  Balance your time and don't forget about you. 

10.  Be smart and share your smarts.
Being smart is more than having degrees and certificates.  Being smart is also about staying current on news and affairs, and sharpening your knowledge in areas of expertise.  Talk your favorite topics with like-minded people.  Attend conferences, network socially, and absorb all you can.  As you take knowledge in, give some out, too!

For more on women's health and history, check out these links.  

Celebrate Womanhood

Hey Wonder Woman!

All the best, ladies!  Keep being you!

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