Thursday, May 30, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

The Most Stylish People Around the Illinois State Capitol--Part 2!

Yesterday, we showed you some fabulous styles from the Illinois State Capitol.   As promised, you saw legislators, staff, and lobbyist.  But, one post was not enough.  Today, we're showing you more fashionable people.  We spotted them everywhere; on-the-go, working hard, at events--they were all over.

Let's check them out...

Wonderful tie choice, but please note the cufflinks!
Color blocking+great accessories

Yes, they're busy...

...but at least they have time to show their style.  Gotta love the 3-piece!
Why always wear a dark suit!?
Nice touch here with the pocket square.

Bow Tie Swag.  Always a good choice to step outside the box.

Love her Daytime/Nighttime Style.  Perfect for May session days!

Relaxed, yet professional.  See what they did here?

She never misses a beat.  Always fashionable.
Play like a Champion...and dress like one, too!
Can't go wrong with the blue and red in government.
Cufflinks are a great touch.

Nice choice with the stripped shirt.  Dapper style; winning smile.

Vibrant colors for Spring + a ttendy
shirt-tie match. 

Gray suits--nice choice for warm weather.
Pocket squares show just that little extra effort.

Classic look with an eye-catching bold tie!
Love this fancy suit; accessorized with cute shoes.

Using the solid dress as a canvas.  Why not go bold?!

We hope you all enjoyed this feature!  It was so much fun to put together.  Hopefully, you not only got some fashion tips, but the comfort of knowing what styles you can try in the workplace.

Thanks a zillion to all our wonderful participants.  You are trendsetters for sure.  And, a special thanks to one of my favorite lobbyists, MC for this very cool idea. 

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