Thursday, May 23, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago

From the Rooftop--

Summertime Chi is fast approaching, and with these nice temperatures, it is time to have food and drinks on some of the best rooftop spots in the City.  Get ready for the weekend!

There are plenty of great top spots across Chicago.  Here are just a few...

Epic is one of the best Hubbard Street spots.  Their food is good, and the drinks are refreshing.  What wouldn't be on this rooftop in River North?!  Drink the Sex Panther, and nibble on some dessert.  You can't go wrong.  

J. Parker

A Lincoln Park gem in the Hotel Lincoln, this spot has quickly become a fan favorite.  With views of Lake Michigan, the intimate setting is perfect for a date, girl talk, or guys night out. 

Plymouth Restaurant

This is a regular spot for John Marshall and DePaul University Law School students.  It's right next to JMLS, and gives hardworking students the perfect escape between studying.  Plymouth is great for any patron, though. 

Zed 451 

Their brunch is beyond amazing.  Beyond.  The rooftop is, too.  This place is a go-to for so many reasons and a summer afternoon or evening is just another.  The roof is comfortable, and just right for unwinding.  

Roof at The Wit
State and Lake is one of Chicago's most popular intersections.  Roof is great for warm or cold days, as they have indoor and outdoor rooftop space.  The central location is perfect, just steps from the river and the lake.  The DJs are on point for a good time, too.

This is obviously just a sample of the many rooftop spots worth stopping by as the weather heats up.  Here's more B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Loves Chicago...brunch, spots by neighborhood, and more!

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