Tuesday, May 21, 2013

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Tops

Top 4 Tips for Capitol Fashion--

As you may know, I am a legislative lawyer by day.  I love this job, and appreciate the opportunity to participate in the legislative process.  While taking part in making sure our laws are fitting, I also make it a priority to have fun dressing for my days at work.

Some of you may work in similar settings.  Hopefully these tips are helpful to you.

1.  Stay proper
On the legislative scene, there's meetings, receptions, and around all the time--cameras!  The business of government is public, so news reporters are there every minute.  You never know when you'll get caught on tape, and even without the tape, it is important to dress properly.  You're meeting with people you may not know and if you do know them, you want to be sure you're giving the right message.  You don't have to necessarily wear a suit every day, but be sure your attire is professional and work appropriate.

2.  Switch it up
Yes, we just told you to keep it professional, but it doesn't mean you have to be boring in what you wear.  Ladies, don't be afraid to add accessories to your business attire.  Adding color can always be the right touch.  Gents, we know white shirts are easy go-to's, but wearing a colored or patterned shirt is ok, too.  Pick ties with interesting designs, and put just a few extra minutes into your look.  Try a pocket square or genuine handkerchief. It's ok to go against the grain.

3.  Be comfortable
This is not only a tip for sensible shoes ("sensible" is subject to interpretation--I happen to think high heels are quite sensible :).  This tip also means being comfortable in what you're wearing.  If you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing--whether it's because the clothes don't fit properly, or just aren't your style, you won't be be able to do the work of the people the way you should.  Pick items fitting to your body type and personality.  Be you in your professional clothing, not someone else. Having your own "fashionmark" is ok.

4.  Get casual with caution
After committees and a long day of floor action, you'll often find events like receptions or fundraisers.  Of course professional-wear from the workday is appropriate for the evening.  But, if you plan to wind down, be careful.  Your suit is always appropriate, but getting casual on your state or local legislative scene can be risky.  If you wouldn't want your boss to see you in it, don't wear it.  If it's too short, tight,  something you can wear to the beach or cut grass--don't wear it.  Just because the setting seems casual, events with coworkers and colleagues are never completely relaxed.  Keep your clothes appropriate at all times.  

These tips might be a bit vague, but stay tuned next week.  We'll have pictures of our favorite Capitol Fashions.  Can't wait!!

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