Monday, August 12, 2013

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Feeling Safe on Social Media--

Recently, Twitter has taken proactive steps to increase safety online.  Unfortunately, cyber-bullying is alive and well, leaving social networks feeling responsible for keeping their sites as controlled as possible.  Although many of us find delight in MTV's hit show, Catfish, many of the victims of catfishing express a real life of bullying--forcing them to seek friends online.  Like some of the other social networks, Twitter is now offering an outlet.

Tweets with degrading and hurtful language can be immediately reported.  Users will be checked, and appropriate actions will be taken upon review by the Security team "We want people to feel safe on Twitter, and we want the Twitter Rules to send a clear message to anyone who thought that such (behavior) was, or could ever be, acceptable," wrote Del Harvey Senior Director of Twitter's Trust & Safety Division and Twitter UK general manager Tony Chang.

Do you feel safe on the internet and on your favorite social networks?  Why?  Most importantly, why not?  Obviously social media and the internet in general are great tools for learning.  Many often wonder how we did research without them in the past.  But, like a lot of other benefits, there also comes a cost. Safety and security are 2 of the most critical concerns about internet users.  Despite controlling what you post on the internet, you do not have the ability to control what others post and how it will affect you.  

What do you do to protect yourself online?  Do you feel like it's working?  What can the social networks do to make things better?  Have you had to report inappropriate activity?

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