Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Top 4 Ways to Be a Good Glamour Girl-- 

It is not only glamorous to dress well, but to do good in looking good, too.  In the past, we've shared sites where fashion meets charity.  These allow you to give while you shop online.  Our 5 ways to give, fashionably offer other ways to give, with fashion as a theme.  It makes it fun!  We feel giving is important in so many ways, and always encourage it.

Here's more:

1. Fashion Delivers 
They always come to the rescue when needed.  They've partnered with Style Mint and other organizations to bring good vibes and fashion to tough situations.  

2.  Square Hue
For the nail polish lover in you!  Square Hue allows you to subscribe to their monthly polish delivery service.  You can keep track of the colors you have, try new ones, and donate to a charity in the process.  What more could you ask for?

3.  Give Back America 
This site offers an online shopping mall to raise $ for charity.  If you run a charity, this option is great to raise money.  It's creative and easy to use.

4.  Stuffed Animals for Emergencies

This organization is for the kiddies.  Children need all the comfort they can get, especially when their sense of normalcy has been disrupted.  If you have stuffed animals you aren't giving attention to anymore, pass it on to this organization for a little one to give it new life.  

Keep these in mind when you're cleaning out your closet, shopping, or just in the giving mood!

Stay tuned for more...

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