Monday, June 29, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Louboutin Brings Diversity to Shoes---

Christian Louboutin stays at the forefront of the fashion industry. This time he's doing it by expanding his Nudes line, to include a wider range of colors considered--nude.

For years, "nude" shoes, and other items for that mater, have come in shades of blush, tan, and faded pinks. Not much has been available for women of darker and more olive tones. Christian is saying, "no more". Starting in August, ladies will be able to find shades closer to their skin tone, and truly wear a " nude" shoe. In a time where diversity, acceptance, and tolerance need the right attention, this is a great move. The limited range of "nudes" clearly missed the mark for far too many years.

Ladies, will you be finding your Louboutin Nude? Show us your #NudesforAll on social media.

Hopefully other designers follow suit.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Remembers

The King Of Pop - Remembering Michael Jackson--

The wound of him being gone never gets old, but neither do his timeless hits.  Let's remember the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul today with these favorite pictures and jams.

Rest in Peace, MJ!



Remember the Time


Man in the Mirror

I Want You Back

Rock With You 

Billie Jean

Working Day and Night

I'll Be There  

The Way You Make Me Feel

Smooth Criminal  

Love Never Felt So Good

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Shoes Every Woman Should Own!

Ladies, we all know how important shoes are.  They are often the ultimate statement you make with your outfit--with your entire look.  While we completely support having a plethora of options at your disposal, there are a few considered absolute musts for the arsenal.

The Black Pump
There's no way you can't have this in your closet.  Maybe the heel is low.  Maybe the heel is high!  The shoe must be there somehow.  You can wear this with almost anything, and even if you are usually dressed casually, you can go to your black pump if you need to dress up.

The Ballet Flat
This one is a spring and summer necessity, and a multipurpose shoe for every wardrobe. The ballet flat is not only necessary for many casual looks, like leggings with blazers, but also to get you around before changing into your heels.  While many of us can strut anywhere in heels, concrete and asphalt are the enemy.  Keep some ballet flats on deck to get you from place to place and preserve your coveted stilettos.

Gym Shoes/Sneakers
You may not be excited about jogging or athletics at all.  However, gym shoes are a must, because you never know what may come up--a dance class, cause walk/run, kids to run after.  Be prepared, ladies.  Have the kicks ready for whatever.

Knee-high boot
This can be a heel or even a flat, since the knee height will lengthen the leg anyway.  Having this shoe in black and brown are necessary for the fall and winter.

The Sandal
You have some flexibility here.  Of course we promote both heels and flats, but if you are committed to one or the other only--go for it.  Summer attire will usually call you away from closed-toe shoes, so be ready to swap to sandals when the weather heats up.  If you aren't proud of your toes, check out the peep-toe looks.  Don't restrict yourself to completely closed shoes.  Make summer strolling fun and fashionable!

Check your closet.  Have everything you need?

Monday, June 22, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

Fashion Law Gets Accredited!

Ms. Susan Scaffidi has done it again!  She continues to take our beloved niche to the next level, with the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham School of Law now offering an LL.M. in Fashion Law.  An M.S.L. for nonlawyers will be offered as well.

Offering part-time and full-time programs, this feat is a major step for the fashion law niche.  After opening the Fashion Law Institute in 2010, the notariety and reality of its need became clearer and clearer.  I even had the joy of attending the annual Symposium in  2013.  It was amazing!  Fashion trailblazer  Diane von Furstenberg will provide seed money for the program and continue as an advisor to the Institute.  She's been pivitol to its success from the start.

Congrats a zillion to Fordham and the Fashion Law Institute.  We're so excited about this next step!

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

The True Cost:  A Fashion Documentary Behind Manufacturing--

While many see fashion and the industry at large to be frivolous and superficial, it's actually a billion-dollar market with many very serious issues.  Garment production is one of the most serious--especially when it comes to the working conditions employees are subject to.

The fast-fashion niche, you know--the likes of Forever 21, H&M, Zara, etc.--have created their own place in the industry.  This segment has many positives, particularly for young shoppers, shoppers on a budget, and anyone needing something trendy in a hurry.  However, negatives have come along with this market, too.  They've been on the receiving end of lawsuits for infringement on high fashion/designer styles, discriminatory hiring practices, and the labor conditions of their factories.  Fast-fashion is all about filling the racks in a hurry.  Someone has to make those garments--often under harsh conditions.

Things have changed drastically over the last few decades.  In the 1960s, 95% of American attire was made right here in the states.  Now, that number is flipped to about 97% produced overseas.  

Executive Producer Livia Firth of The True Cost, a documentary digging deep into a number of these issues, noted at the NY screening "We are sold this myth that to buy a dress for under $10 is democratic--but it's democratic for who?  We discard faster and faster, and that is how the consumer becomes poorer and poorer.  2 of the 10 richest men in the world are the owners of Zara and H&M.  I think it says a lot about how they make their money." 

Her film delves into the realities of factory workers in places like Bangladesh and Columbia.  It puts a face behind the garments so many throw on and throw away.  Stepping far behind the scenes of your favorite mall stop, you'll see a story behind every thread, of people who can't afford what they make, and what they endure during production.

Check the trailer. This is a must-see. 

The True Cost is currently available on iTunesAmazon, DVD, and Blu-ray.  

For more on labor issues in fashion, click here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Celebrates

Happy Father's Day!

I have to share this post every year.  Dads often don't get enough credit for what they do, and I need to be sure mine is properly celebrated.  This gent has taught me endless lessons--still is!  I feel like the lessons here stick me on a regular basis.

What lessons do you carry with you from you Dad?  Here are mine...


1.  Be a good decision-maker.
Daddy and I the day I was sworn in as an attorney.
Many times, we think things are just happening to us, or the world is mad at us for some reason.  Daddy helped me realize, nothing is by accident.  The decisions you make in life, big and small, set the stage for what will and won't happen ahead.  When things are going well, you can look back and see the choices you made as the reason--same as when things are not going so well.

In Daddy's words, "We control our own destiny."  It's true there are many things beyond our control, but making the best decisions on the ones in your hands is essential.

2. The key to success is doing the things no one likes to do.
You don't want to hear this one as a kid, but as an adult, you realize how true it is.  Often, the difference between happy and successful people, and the unhappy strugglers is the ability to just suck it up and do what you have to for the end goal.  We all come across things we don't want to do--they take too long, they're too hard, no one else is doing them, you just don't feel like it--the list is endless.  This is the case for everyone, but the decision to do what you must no matter what is usually the difference-maker.  I take this lesson with me everyday.

3. Be good, be helpful.
Daddy still tells me "if you can help someone, help them".  He's so right, and why not?  A lot of times, it's easy to consider what's in it for you, but maybe the chance to help someone else is what's in it for you.  Do you really need more?  After all, what goes around, comes around, so there's really no need to worry.

*This is actually a bonus lesson:  Don't worry.  If you've planned and are doing what you are supposed to do, you don't have time to worry.  

4. Do not let your fears dictate your actions.
I keep this in mind so often, especially when a major decision needs to be made.  My Daddy has taught me about fear, and helped me realize, there's no need for it.  We all get scared from time to time, or frightened at the encounter of a surprise, but we cannot let fear of anything we face dictate what's necessary for us to do or achieve.  Fears are just roadblocks, and letting them stand in the way of our actions does nothing more than just hold us back.  When I think I may be facing fear, I remember it's just an illusion. 

5. Keep your word.
The importance of this one is immeasurable.  Your word is sometimes all you have as an adult, with the countless circumstances you'll encounter.  Whether it's at work or in a personal relationship, being trustworthy is what will precede and succeed everything you do.  It is easy to make promises, but it takes real effort to keep them.  I can't think of one thing my Daddy has told me which hasn't held up, and I want to be sure people can say the same about me.  To some, this seems to be quite difficult, which is hard to understand, but there is nothing like the truth.  We should all embrace it.

I hope you all enjoyed these lessons as much as I did sharing them.  I am blessed to know I have many more lessons ahead for Daddy to share with me, and am even more thankful to have the ones I do.

Love you Daddy!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Beauty

Beauty Secrets Deserving More Attention...

Summer is the perfect time for taking your look up a level.  Why not try new colors and patterns?  To make sure you're at the top of your style game, check out these 7 little known beauty tips!

1.  Tea tree oil helps reduce dandruff
Australian beauties uncovered this one, and have shared the trick saving millions of dry scalps.  Add a bit to your shampoo and feel your scalp thank you!

2.  Shrink your pores with orange juice
A 50/50 mix of orange juice and water dabbed on your large pores is the best quick fix for shrinkage.  Need to be ready for a photo shoot or date?  Use this tip!

3.  Strengthen your nails with garlic
Have brittle nails?  Add a little chopped garlic to your base coat for stronger tips.

4.  Yogurt, rosemary, and olive oil contribute to healthy hair
These groceries should always be on your list.  Eat them in any way you can.  They help with shiny hair and hair health in general.  Egg white masks help boost hair moisture, too.

5.  Use frozen green tea bags to reduce eye puffiness
Throw a couple green tea bags in the freezer for an hour or so.  Put them on your eyes for about 10 minutes and watch the puffiness reduce.  We all have long, crazy weeks.  This will help rejuvenate your lookers.

6.  Use aloe and coconut oil for shiny, soft hair
You can use these together or separately, but keep them on-hand in these warm temperatures to be sure your hair gets the shine and moisture it deserves.  Coconut oil also helps reduce frizz.

7.  Use ginger and honey to reduce wrinkles
Whipping up a small ginger and honey paste can work wonders on your skin.  A 50/50 mix of the 2 just 1-2 days per week will definitely help keep wrinkles at bay.

Of course we have a few more secrets to share, especially for the hair, but this list is a good start...especially while you prepare for your next stop at the grocery store.

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

NBA Free Agency Popcorn Watcher By: Tonisha Hood,  BMMO Consulting NBA free agency started with a few bangs.  First, everyone was am...