Friday, February 19, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

France's Fashion Laws Could Influence Change in the U.S.--

While a change in the models we see strutting down the catwalk may be a fashion week or 2 away, a new French law could be just what effects the change.  This past December, France passed a law ultimately protecting the health of fashion models, requiring medical professional clearance to work.  The requirements are for both print and runway models.

The U.S. has taken a step to address child labor laws at the national level, but is also being pressed to do the same for adult models hitting runways, commercials, and print ads.  With Paris being considered a fashion capital to many, this landmark change happening on their turf 1st is likely to force a tide change in other fashionable cities and countries as well.  The American Journal of Public Health applauded the French law and encouraged something similar to pass in America.  It is highly unlikely a designer would show looks on certain models in 1 city, without keeping those looks pretty similar in another.  

On the heels of our race in fashion post, it is important to know diversity in fashion calls for both cultural and physical integration.  As many French designers faced backlash for resisting the change and pressure to "infringe on their creative control", the same would be the case here if the battle got too hot.  With many designers already responding to calls for more diversity in fashion--working to address both racial and physical inequalities in the industry, we are hopeful this trend will be as long-standing as denim in every closet.

International Business Times delved a bit deeper into this trend change.  Check our more here

...See, we told you fashion law was intellectual property and more!

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