Saturday, July 23, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Summertime Fine: 2016 Fashion Hits--

Summer is well underway, and so is fashion in this fun warm weather.  Temperatures have been steamy across the globe, but many are staying cool in their fly-wear for the season.  
Check out some of the best...

Cuban Olympic Team Dons Louboutin
The Summer Olympics are on the horizon, and of course we are not only excited about the games, but the fashion, too!  The Cuban Olympic team will be outfitted by famed French designer, Christian Louboutin.  He's partnered with Henry Tai, a former pro handball player, to design the attire the Cuban team will wear during closing ceremonies.  These threads are major!  Take a look...

Summertime Chi - The T-shirt Line
Summertime Chi is a curator of cultured events in Chicago.  While making sure natives and tourists are entertained in the best way, they can now look good while doing it.  The shirts are not only soft, but stylish.  Peruse the catalog, as well as the event calendar!

Andrea Iyamah Swimwear 
This swimwear line is vibrant and classy.  With unique designs and even a bridal collection, Andrea Iyamah is making onlookers stare.  Launched in 2013 by Nigerian designer Dumebi Iyamah, AI is meant to highlight colors and themes inspired by African culture.  The suits and resort attire are all made with care by a team dedicated to quality, style, and ethnicity with a modern twist.  Heads will certainly turn on the beach with this collection.  

Jordans - The Sole Mainstay
Jordans are always on the map, at all times of the year.  This summer, the Jordan Brand is launching the throwback of the "Banned" Air Jordan with the famed black and red colorways.  Legend has it, the NBA was not for the shoes being worn because of they conflicted with their uniform code...meanwhile Nike footed the bill on MJ's fined.  Reality or Scandal?  In addition, Jumpman has also released the Ultra Fly kick, worn by Chicago's own Jimmy Butler in this summer's Rio Olympic games.  The 2016 Men's Basketball team will be stocked with Nike, as the uniforms were designed by Nike, and Carmelo Anthony will be wearing his collection as well.  Once again, Jordan/Nike is expected to go gold.  

What other fashion wins are you seeing this summer?

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