Saturday, June 3, 2017

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Empowers

Hello June!

Yes, today is already the 3rd day of June, and 2017 seems to be moving along pretty quickly.  My great-grandmother once told me "after 20, those birthdays start moving really fast".  Boy was she right.  Years are going by rapidly, so taking some time to reflect and refresh is very important.  

As a way to reflect on the year thus far, and prepare for the back half, we're sharing these June Journal Prompts--shared with us by creative curator, Tonisha from T_Happy Place. The purpose is to get your thoughts and ambitions flowing for the rest of what this amazing year will be.  Sorry we're a couple days late, but hey, take today to catch up and really get your brain working.

Reflect with us. 

Happy Writing!

Biblically the number 6 represents man, the day man was created, and the month of Father’s day is in the month of June.  The direction of creation and man is what lead to this month’s prompts.

1. What are 6 goals you want to complete this month?
2. What is something that happened to you today that made you smile?
3. What is the first memory you have of your dad?
4. If you had to pick up and move right now, where would you go and why?
5. Who is your favorite singer?  Write a line from your favorite song of theirs.
6. What is something that you can work on that will make you better?
7. What is a moment in your life you would do over if you could?  How and Why?
8. What are you thankful for today?
9. Think of someone to say a prayer for.  Write a prayer on their behalf.
10. What was the most important lesson you learned this week?
11. What is your favorite dance song?  Put that song on and dance your way to a clear mind.
12. What is your favorite part of your morning routine?
13. What does having faith mean to you?
14. What was the most inspirational thing you heard/saw today?
15. Who is someone in your life that you need to make more time to spend with them?
16. What was your favorite childhood movie and why?
17. “A determined person is the most feared and the most powerful individual” What does that quote mean to you?
18. Write about the male parental figure in your life.  How did they help shape you into the person you are?
19. What do you remember about your dreams from last night?  How does that make you feel?
20. Think about your day, what are 6 good things that happened to you today?
21. What is something that you want to do in your career that is on your bucket list?
22. If you were to have a son, what would you name him and why?
23. What is a cause that is near to your heart?  How are you supporting it?
24. What is something that brings you peace?
25. Look out your window, what do you see?  What does that inspire you to do?
26. What’s the name of your first boyfriend?  Write about him.
27. What do you admire most about the person you work for?
28. Write a letter to them releasing any hurt that you feel.  
29. Which of your talents can you turn into a side hustle?
30. Think back to the 6 goals you set at the beginning of the month, how many of them did you accomplish?

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