B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Flashbacks

Past B.A.F.F.L.E.D. posts with timeless information - Check out these links for news you can always use! 

Fashionista Must-haves
Smooth Gentlemen Must-haves
5 Ways to Know Fashion Law is Real
5 Blogs for the Petite Fashionista
5 Shoe Sites to Follow
The Life of a Fashion Design Student
5 Styles Inspired by Michael Jackson
The Evolution of the Business of Fashion, by The Fashion Law
5 Ways to Wear Your Scarf
The Fashion Business

Which One Do I Need? - Protecting your creative arts (copyrights, trademarks & patents)
The Fair Use Doctrine - Copyright Protection
Your Right to Remain Silent
10 Ways for Lawyers to Find Their "Inner Steve Jobs"
2011 Fashion Law Recap
5 Traits of an Amazing Lawyer
5 Tips from Lawyer to Fashion Designer
4 Tips from Lawyer to Musician 
Where Sampling Crosses Infringement
What Can Law School Do for You?

The Generational Gap in the Corporate Setting
Go for Yours, Girl! - Women excelling in the workplace!
How to Relate Your Business - Public Relations Models for Business
5 Ways to Protect Your Brand from Counterfeit
6 Tips for a Successful Business

Optimal Health
Diabetes Awareness - Classifications, causes, and coping
Breast Cancer Awareness 
10 Fat Fighting Foods
Optimal Nutrition

Burning Calories Between Workouts 
Need a Nap? - Optimal Sleep Health
Are You Eating Helpful Foods? - Suitable cuisine for your diet 
Snacks to Make You Happy

Health Benefits of Tea
5 Things for Men to Know About Testicular Cancer
10 Benefits of Yoga
5 Things to Know About Chocolate
6 Beauty Tips for the Summer

Charity & Community
If You Know Better, Do Better! - Great Causes & Organizations
5 Ways to Give, Fashionably!
8 Great Causes to Contribute to
The SRAM Cycling Fund

Going Green
Holiday Eco-friendliness
Alternative Ways to Recycle and Save
10 Tips for Going Green During the Holidays
The Low Car Diet
Alternative Ways to Recycle and Save

Entertainment & Media
G+: Fly or Die - a Look at Google+, by GuyverV
Kicking Off Your Creative Career
The Face of Social Media Today
Top 9 Smart Phone Apps

Artist Spotlight
Model Minority Music
Star Esynaj

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Sports

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