Sunday, June 19, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. for Dads

Happy Father's Day!

This is one of my favorite posts to share.  My Daddy means the world to me and I am so very thankful for him.  He has taught me so much, and there's never any way I could enumerate or repay it. He continues to teach me lessons all the time, and the lessons I learned growing up are with me every day.  He has not only had an influence on me, but so many others.  

Here are just a few reasons why...


1.  Be a good decision-maker.
Many times, we think things are just happening to us, or the world is mad at us for some reason.  Daddy helped me realize, nothing is by accident.  The decisions you make in life, big and small, set the stage for what will and won't happen ahead.  When things are going well, you can look back and see the choices you made as the reason--same as when things are not going so well.

In Daddy's words, "We control our own destiny."  It's true there are many things beyond our control, but making the best decisions on the ones in your hands is essential.

Daddy and I the day I was sworn in as an attorney.
2. The key to success is doing the things no one likes to do.
You don't want to hear this one as a kid, but as an adult, you realize how true it is.  Often, the difference between happy and successful people, and the unhappy strugglers is the ability to just suck it up and do what you have to for the end goal.  We all come across things we don't want to do--they take too long, they're too hard, no one else is doing them, you just don't feel like it--the list is endless.  This is the case for everyone, but the decision to do what you must no matter what is usually the difference-maker.  I take this lesson with me everyday.

3. Be good, be helpful.
Daddy still tells me "if you can help someone, help them".  He's so right, and why not?  A lot of times, it's easy to consider what's in it for you, but maybe the chance to help someone else is what's in it for you.  Do you really need more?  After all, what goes around, comes around, so there's really no need to worry.

*This is actually a bonus lesson:  Don't worry.  If you've planned and are doing what you are supposed to do, you don't have time to worry.  

4. Do not let your fears dictate your actions.
I keep this in mind so often, especially when a major decision needs to be made.  My Daddy has taught me about fear, and helped me realize, there's no need for it.  We all get scared from time to time, or frightened at the encounter of a surprise, but we cannot let fear of anything we face dictate what's necessary for us to do or achieve.  Fears are just roadblocks, and letting them stand in the way of our actions does nothing more than just hold us back.  When I think I may be facing fear, I remember it's just an illusion. 

5. Keep your word.
The importance of this one is immeasurable.  Your word is sometimes all you have as an adult, with the countless circumstances you'll encounter.  Whether it's at work or in a personal relationship, being trustworthy is what will precede and succeed everything you do.  It is easy to make promises, but it takes real effort to keep them.  I can't think of one thing my Daddy has told me which hasn't held up, and I want to be sure people can say the same about me.  To some, this seems to be quite difficult, which is hard to understand, but there is nothing like the truth.  We should all embrace it.

I hope you all enjoyed these lessons as much as I did sharing them.  I am blessed to know I have many more lessons ahead for Daddy to share with me, and am even more thankful to have the ones I do.

~Love you Daddy!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Celebrates

Happy Mothers' Day!!

I always like to share the top 5 things my Mommy taught me. The list is obviously much longer than this site will allow, but these are some of the main things I keep with me all the time.  Some, she taught me and I got right away, some took time, others...still working on.

What has your mom taught you that has changed or directed your life in a certain way?   Share yours with us, and check these out!


1. Be nice.
This is a simple lesson, but it goes a long way.  Being nice to people not only gives them a good feeling about you, but also puts out good Karma to come back to you.  My mommy still reminds me today the importance of being nice, especially when it is easy not to.   I see traces of her whenever I feel the need to bake for friends and coworkers, have guests over, style for people, advise on legal matters, or whatever comes to mind to allow me to lend a hand to someone else. I carry this with me all the time.

2. Beauty is simple.
Mommy has made it clear to me, loads of make-up does not make you pretty, and there's a way to look your best without a mess!  Going back to being nice on the inside, it is easy to look nice on the outside, too.  Too much of anything is usually just that--too much and it will catch the wrong eyes most times.  As I put together my looks for each day, I definitely think..."what would Mommy say?"

As Tatyana Ali put it: "My mother is my beauty role model.  She's gorgeous, giving, and gracious - a true G!"

3. Be strong.
I haven't come across a strength like the strength my mother has, and am not sure I will.  Her lessons in being strong go far beyond helping my dad out in the yard against my will.  They extend to knowing things won't always go my way, and when they don't, I cannot give up.  I will encounter some challenges, and as cliche as it sounds I hear her telling me "this, too shall pass".  I may not want to hear it, but I always want to believe it...and in due time, I see it to be true.  I know my mother got her strength from my grandmother, and great-grandmother, so I work hard to be sure I can pass it on someday as well.  Because of my Mommy, I feel there is nothing I cannot do.  

4.  Be....patient!
Ugh!  I am still working on this one, and actually, so is Mommy.  She's been trying to teach me patience all my life, and I think I just may be starting to get it--a little.  I remember as a little girl hearing her tell me "beee..." and waiting for me to say "patient". I'm not sure I always understood the value of patience as a youngster, but I have gotten a much better understanding in my adult life.  I can't count the number of times I hear her in my head reminding me...and sometimes it is her actual voice.  I have found patience to be so critical, especially as I get older, and can say I have received and encountered some wonderful things from being patient.  I keep this lesson with me.  But, she and I both know, I'm not done learning it.

5. Always do your best.
I often look at my mom and think she has so many things on her plate...and wonder how she balances them all.  Then I realize I am, in my own way, doing the same thing.  I have learned over the years, she not only has a lot on her plate, but only enough for her to handle, and handle well.  It appears to be a lot to the onlooker, and I know it is to her as well.  But, the way she handles family, work, and social activities is always with ease and grace.  Mommy has taught me about not taking on too much, but being there to step up and step in if necessary.  Sure, you may have a lot going on, but giving each your very best is all that's acceptable.  I keep this lesson close.

I could go on and on about the lessons my mother has taught me, but the space here is limited.  I am endlessly thankful for such a loving and giving mother, and wouldn't trade her for the world.  Thank you, Mommy for everything.

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Mommys out there.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Fix

Style Room 326 - Premier Fashion In Chicago--

Designer Teresa Washington provided a unique fashion experience at yesterday's grand opening of Style Room 326. This gorgeous boutique will not only serve as space for her 4 fashion lines (yes, 4!!), but also as personal styling, party, and workshop space.  

We've been enjoying her STMT brand for quite some time, but we're excited about the newest 3.  Here are some pics from the launch and fashion show.

Get there soon and become a member!






Who is Style Room 326, you ask? We are the first members-only wholesale and retail showroom located in the beautiful Lakeview neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Chicago. We believe you deserve a smart, edited, Fashionable assortment and think Fashion should not be complicated. We don’t believe you need to buy a whole wardrobe each season that’s why Style Room 326 houses brands that build season after season. As our customer, you can add to your collection knowing that everything builds upon itself. Style Room 326 houses brands that are IMPACTFUL, perfect for mixing and matching, while luxe textures and compelling prints add depth and dimension. OUR BRANDS are designed for the everyday Chic woman.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Remembers

The Legendary Prince, Through Style--

This past Thursday, the world lost a musical genius and fashion icon, Prince.  As someone who could play many instruments, sing and dance, Prince found himself in limited company as far as his level of talent and adoration.  He not only soothed our ears, but gave us something to look at every single chance he got.  

He once said his biggest fear was "being normal".  There's no way he could have ever faced this fear. From the hair to the threads, Prince was always different.  He revolutionized the color purple, and had the whole world wearing his color the day he left us.

Let's take a look at some of the unique, edgy, and trailblazing styles left to us by none other than the Prince himself.

We're adding in a few of our favorite tunes, too.  


Diamonds and Pearls


The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


Purple Rain

Rest in Peace, Prince.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

Green Is the New Black--Sustainability in Fashion--

The Fashion Law Project in LA is putting the emergence of sustainability in the fashion industry on the runway.  On April 15th, Loyola Law School will host a panel of experts on fashion law and its convergence with sustainability.

Register now...and if you're a fashion law jetsetter, stop in Chicago for this fashion law-inspired networking event first.

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Reception to Follow
Opening address:
Ilse Metchek, President, California Fashion Association (CFA)
Topic One: Good Things Come In Green Packages: Sustainability In The Supply Chain
Step out of your pumps - the fashion industry is resizing its carbon footprint!  Innovative companies are redesigning the supply chain to incorporate new materials and designs that reduce waste and cost because it's not only good for the planet, it's good for business.
Rick Horwitch, Vice President, Bureau Veritas Consumer Products
Tasha Lenise Lewis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Fashion Design Management Department of Fiber Science & Apparel Design, Cornell University
Travis Heard, Vice President, Finance & Strategy, OuterknownBrian K. Brookey, Partner, Tucker Ellis LLP
Topic Two: Tough Love: Sustaining A Fashion Brand From Start-Up To Staple
No one knows tough love like the fashion industry.  According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten businesses fail within the first eighteen months.  In fashion, businesses must balance the forces of trends, competition, and monetization­ to launch, grow, and protect their brand.  In the fast-paced market, how can a fashion brand keep up?
Bradley McGavin, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs, St. John Knits Aaron L. Renfro, Shareholder, Call JensonCheryl A. Solomon, former Chief Legal Officer at Toms and former General Counsel, Gucci
Lunchtime Fireside Chat - Speaker to be announced. Stay tuned!
Topic Three: Truth in Advertising: The Art Of Storytelling Within Federal Trade Commission Rules
Social media blurs the line between authenticity and advertising. The growing popularity of social media advertising has provoked scrutiny and changing consumer protection regulations. Fashion brands must become familiar with the law and the risks to navigate this landscape and convey compelling messages. From blog posts to online sweepstakes, legal efforts to improve transparency now have consumers wondering, how authentic is the #hashtag?
Alkistis Tsitouri, Fashion Photographer and Blogger, Streetgeist
Caroline Dillingham, Founder, Power On Digital
Alan L. Friel, Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP
Topic Four: 3D Technology: The Disruption Of Fashion Or The Next Big Thing?
What is 3D printing and how will it impact the fashion industry?  Are holograms a new model of celebrity endorsements?  Critics argue that 3D is a new vehicle to infringe and counterfeit intellectual property. Supporters advocate it will revolutionize production and marketing in the fashion industry.  3D is here, it's going to change the industry, how does the law keep up?
Oliver Bajracharya, Partner, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP
Justin Wolske, Co-Founder, Grid 110
Christina Chang, Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs, CMG Worldwide
Sheba Sheba Sheikh Hemmat, Business and Legal Affairs Manager, JustFab/ShoeDazzleStaci Riordan, Partner, Nixon Peabody & Executive Director, The Fashion Law Project, Loyola Law School, Los AngelesDeborah Greeves, Partner, Ezra Brutzkus Gubner LLP & Adjunct Professor, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
Stephanie Mazepa, Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs, JustFab

Saturday, April 9, 2016

B.A.F.F.L.E.D. Fashion Law

#BossPeriod: Women's Mentoring Event--

Mentoring amongst women is so important in every field--especially those historically dominated by men.  This coming week, John Marshall Law School's Fashion Law Society is pairing up with What R U Wearing? to host a mentoring session for ladies.  

Not only will ladies be able to network with women in their current and prospective field, but get some much-deserved pampering, too.

Get your tickets here...NOW!

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